Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where Is Cal?

Just in case you've been wondering, Cal has been waiting out the birth of his third child holed up in a closet in my mother's basement recording some songs on his new digital recorder. He's taught himself how to play the bass and run the whole shootin' match by himself. He'll lay down all the tracks and I'll fill with some harmony. It's going to be a great tool for us. We're going to make some little promo discs (like Angel Taylor was handing out when she opened for Brandi Carlile in Salt Lake) for our summer gigs. It'll have a couple of our new songs on it, I may try out a cover.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Brandi? Nope, Olivia. . . . .

So, tonight Cal and I were singing for family who are visiting for Memorial weekend over at Mom's. I'm belting out "The Story" for my Mom's sister thinking I have found a new nuance to my usually so mild and blendy voice, I'm feeling the groove and wanting to show off my newfound vocal prowess to my family at least, and when it's over Dea says, "Sounds kinda like Olivia Newton John". So much for channeling my inner Brandi C. Damn. Maybe next time. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Till They Bleeeeeed . . . . . .

I've been feeling guilty that I didn't play my guitar for a week while I was on a mini-vacay so here is my post about playing until my fingers literally bleed. All right, so it's a miniscule amount of blood, but still . . . work with me here. Cracked, bloody, callused fingertips are the new look for me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cal and Ricky Skaggs

Cal called me tonight with the latest news on our Taxi critiques. Here is one we have never heard before. The person writing the critique loved Cal's songs and voice and compared him to Ricky Skaggs. We'll take it;)

We have also been told to 'find our niche' which in this critique rs opinion is County Folk. I can't say I disagree. Of course after being compared to Ricky Skaggs, we went on You-Tube to take another listen and compare and we stumbled upon this little gem, ALBERT LEE. We are no longer ignorant of this fantastic picker.