Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upcoming Shows Nov. and Dec.

Tomorrow Teddy will be singing at the Afton Senior Center, by herself! I know, scarey ;-) It will be interesting to sit down with my guitar and play these songs I've been doing with Cal or the Band all by my lonesome. You can catch me there at 12:00pm.

Thanksgiving weekend Cal and I will be playing at the Hayloft, so pry your bellies off the couch and come in, take a load off and listen to something besides a ball game or fighting siblings (not that we know anything about that ;-) Seriously, live music is an important part of our society and rural culture and people in this Valley are doing a great job of supporting the arts so we hope you'll take advantage of it.

Speaking of live music. This picture captures such a funny moment at RMAF. This is John Dunnigan, musician extrodinaire at the end of a very long jam. He is so gracious to play with singers and pickers of every level and Eric, who is his own one man band sat in to play an original song or two. Into the song he needed some audience participation and he turned to John and demanded John to Yodel. We found it so funny that I about fell off my chair, and Eric continued to coerce John into Yodeling on demand when the song required. . . . . way to go above and beyond John :-) Talking to John later he asked "So Cal, does your sister drink?" and it's all thanks to Eric and his one man band :-) Who needs alcohol when you have comic relief like this?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Highlights from Missoula RMAF 2010

Well, we've almost recovered from our trip to Missoula Montana for the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs Convention where we sing and talk and dance and get very little sleep or food as luck would have it. Good thing we stopped at the Calf-A on our way through Dell Montana where they serve up THE BEST food in Montana. Not even kidding. You can check out my posts from the past two years, it's so good that a three day old donut from that place was better than any meal we ate at convention. (Taco Salad without the meat. Or beans. Or anything else? Any takers? Didn't think so. ;-) Let's just say we don't go for the food, but we do go for . . . . . . Pickers like the Bad Larry's and cool little jam sessions between negotiations with potential fair buyers. Ed from the Larry's stopped by and we got in a much needed hour or two. I think our favorite thing about convention is playing with other great musicians. We just needed more moments like these. There were literally not enough hours in the day.
Del came along with us this year and it worked great to have him there to talk to people when Cal and I were singing. I think he'll be our un-official lady charmer and booker :-)

It would not have been a complete trip for us without a little John Dunnigan. We recorded one of his songs on our latest CD and got to watch him listen to it for the first time. What an awesome moment for us.

There will be more updates to come, so many great people and fun moments together. Singing with John's son Andy again (we met him in Coeur D 'Alene) and some of his band The Lil' Smokies was so cool. Their talent makes me want to either slit my wrists and give it up or turn back time and practice 8 hours a day from birth. I think that's what it would take for me. There's always room for inspiration and improvement. I'm feeling plenty inspired.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home Again

We're home safe and sound and the thing I'm most excited about is a cuddle with my sweet boy. He's been a little trooper not having his Mom or Dad around for 5 days! There were so many great moments in Missoula and I'll have a lot of post to catch up on. We did get some bookings and will be updating everything as we get closer. We do want to let you know we have another Christmas Military Benefit planned for December and details are coming soon, but for tonight, it's time for a long awaited snuggle and the only singing I'll be doing is a lullaby.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Headed to Missoula

Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs is this next week and we'll be on our way Wednesday morning. It will be such a nice break from the hard labor at our "day jobs". We are wore out! There's nothing better to re-charge than friends, food and live music. We're hoping for some solid bookings and all night jam sessions. I'm bringing the camera this year :-)