Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forty Below in Wyoming

Well, it literally IS forty below in Wyoming. Okay, thirty six below, but really, who wants to split that hair. I feel like I just got home from Caroling in Sun Valley, Cal and I had a few private gigs and now I'm headed back to Sun Valley for Valentines Day. I'll be singing in the the dining room again this year and I'm hoping to drag my reluctant snowed in parents with me. :-)

Meanwhile, we're singing and playing like usual. We are both teaching guitar; Cal with WWCC and I have some beginning students. It's been really fun to teach again, I feel I have more to offer now with the experience I have had in the recent past. I remember with my first student I was still in high school and felt I didn't know enough to teach. We got through the basics together though and it was a great start to something I love.

We have some more private shows coming up in the near future . . . . don't forget to check in with Thunderbolt Radio and offer your support there. You can also take a listen on CDbaby. The new album has been very well received. Thanks for listening.