Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here's a part of the promo pack we've been working on. It's a rough draft, but I'm thinking it's about all I'll get to before leaving for Sun Valley. We have a few new things in the works. Our new run of Cowboys Are Dreamers will be here this week. We sold out (WOW!) and so we had to make our second run. What started out as a Mother's Day gift for Larkie has turned into something else all together:) I'm so glad Del helped push us through this project. I was several months pregnant (and if you've ever sang preggers you know it's a whole different ball game) Cal had a cold and Jake had to break away from the wild red heads long enough to get it done. It's not perfect, but it's just like any other baby, we love it just the way it is.
We have a few dates booked for next summer and hope to get several more. If you know anyone who is interested in some great down to earth entertainment, please direct them our way. We're fairly flexible, we're professional and the sooner you book the better. Also, CD's are ready to go out as well if your interested. We have PLENTY now;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meet Taylor

If you know me, you know I love a "find". There are few things more rewarding to me than unearthing treasure in unlikely places. It seems after a year of dreaming of a new guitar, one found me. When I walked into Burts Music in Coeur d 'Alene all I was looking for was elixir strings, but I have the uncontrollable compulsion to check out the guitars. I made a bee-line for the Takamine's, having done my research and deciding they were the guitar for me, but when none felt right Cal placed the 310ce Taylor on consignment in my hands and I was undone. I never knew a guitar could bring tears to my eyes, but something about the sound and feel of this warm little baby did. I was surprised at how light he was and how full the sound was, but there is a softness to the tone that just fit my voice. I was sweating and sick to leave Taylor in the store (if my parent's would have had their way, I would have walked out with a new guitar without a second thought) but I couldn't justify buying myself a new guitar when I'm the owner of a beautiful Ovation Adamas. I fretted (no pun intended;), I couseled with my husband and my parents and my brother and I prayed. Big purchases make me nervous, especially when they haven't been planned and most especially when this guitar was exactly what I never knew I needed. When the sun dawned on the last day I would be able to make the Taylor mine I was in that store, I paid the price (with the help of my father, Thanks Daddy) and I was the proud mum to a new (previously owned) dreadnought Taylor. I think the owner of the store thought I was a little bit nutty when I told him to let the previous owner know this guitar would go to a good home. I was serious though:) This guitar is part of the family. I've already ordered more strings, a new tuner, a capo and most importantly a humidifier to keep this treasure in mint condition. I can't wait to take him to Sun Valley with me so I can spend some quality time with my 2008 AND 2009 Christmas Gift:) As a side note, when I originally wanted a Takamine (which I still think is a great guitar) Cal told me, "You've got to play a Taylor Ted." As much as it pains me to say, Cal was right, and now he wants one too. I'll let you know when his Taylor finds him:)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, we did it. We survived the almost twelve hour trip to Coeur d'Alene and back for the Rocky Mtn. Association of Fairs Showcase:) Once we got to The Resort it was smooth sailing and late nights of music. Our first night in Cal was out making contact with the great musicians he met 10 years ago when he showcased with the Jacknife and Cache bands. He was excited to renew his associations with people who inspire us to keep doing what we are doing. Cal stayed awake for the jam session, but I hadn't really arrived yet. I was floating face down in the pool and then holed up in the steam room for as long as possible. Thank goodness for hot euycalyptus steams.

Friday was the big day. We spent some time listening to a few other showcases and got to do a sound check. (I LOVE SOUND CHECK! Seriously, I do, more than once we have had no sound check. That dude with the computer tweaking the sound so I didn't have to back off on the high notes of "Help Me Make It Through the Night" has given me a lightbulb moment. I didn't know it was possible to sing FULL voice without backing off.)
When it came to the performance this is what I remember. Mom took enough pictures during our pre-show run through that we were half blinded to begin with, then I glued an eyelash ONTO my eyeball, I re-did the makeup on my right eye, I saw through a haze of glue and mascara that Cal was getting a bit concerned that his sister wasn't going to make it:) Downstairs in the hall we stood on stage and watched the shark promo on the big screens and suddenly, it was us. Instict took over and through Country Roads, Probably Wouldn't Be This Way, Bye Bye Love, Help Me Make It, Western Nights, and Rocky Top the world stopped and all that mattered was the music and the audience. It was GREAT. We stayed pretty high most of the night and stayed up until 4:00am for the jam session and when we got up with the pro's, John Dunnigan, The Doo-Wah Riders, The Bad Larry's (and so many more) It was the perfect beginning to the next day:) What the other musicians added to Cal and Jake's original song blew me away! I could have done this all night long!

What I did the next day is top secret, lets just say there is a new member to my family and I will be giving him his own post soon:)

We spent some time with our cousin Heidi who lives in town and then did an impromptu internet interview (details posted when I get them) with a giant turtle and a frog. I know! You can't make this stuff up:)
Saturday night we got to play in a smaller group and Cal and I were both inspired and humbled. There is nothing like playing with serious musicians to make you feel like a monkey playing the guitar. I was just praying no one would notice all my screwed up chords. I'd be playing along but listening to all the crazy awesome stuff people were doing and play some bizarre wrong chord. It was so fun though probably my favorite part of the trip.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Day Jobs

Cal and I have wisely kept our day jobs:) Here are a few pictures of life and work at Dana Cold Storage during our busiest time of year, the fall hunt
Cal is a perfectionist when it comes to music and meat:) Ty is our skinner this year and somehow keeps a smile on his face
Brandy is in charge of the office and her face is most likely the one you'll first and last when you come in to the shop

Rosie and Nancy wrap, sing Christmas songs Sept~Jan, and so much more:) Heidi is in charge of all things related to Jerky. She is Tristan's Mom and has raised an amazing family and continues to work her tail off year after year.
This is my husband Del, he's the man behind the scenes helping me do what I need to for my performances. He works at the mine and also helps out in the Fall at the plant.
As you can see, we start them young in our family. Tom can cut burger scraps, sharpen his own knife, wash up, sweep and entertain the hunters with his conversation when the wait gets long.
Since having Tom I've been a part time Jerky cutter in the fall. I have made friends with the old biro band saw.
The work is hard, but I think any job that teaches you something and gives you the opportunity to earn money for your family is a worthwhile endeavor. I'm grateful to have a job and to be able to work.

I'm even more grateful for the music that renews our spirits and gives us a chance to share what we have in our hearts. Cheesy but true:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Singing

Our summer of singing is officially over. It started out with the benefit for Tristan, a couple of weddings and funerals, some family reunions and a few good old county fairs.

Cal has been writing up a storm and has an albums worth of songs. We have also sold most of our "Cowboys Are Dreamers" Cd's and when we round up some more peso's we'll go for another press.

This year we got our gigs booked exclusively through word of mouth, but our next venture will be showcasing for the Rocky MT. Association of Fairs in November. That is where the talent buyers for the Fair circuit come and choose next years entertainment. Cal is an old hand at this, but it will be my first time performing in a showcase. Woo-hoo:) I'm getting excited to make the trek to gorgeous CoeurD'Alene Idaho.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

May 17, 2008 . . .Put That In Your Book

On May 17, 2008 we are having a fundraiser at the Lincoln County Fair Grounds in Afton, Wyoming for Tristan Mack. He is a great kid with a really big wish to finally get a prosthetic ear. We thought it would be a great idea to get folks together for a night of music and meat. Dana Cold Storage is providing the meat, Century 21 is sponsoring the live entertainment which includes, but is not limited to Cal and Teddy. Dave Parsons, Pace Vandeburg and Loren Norman will be donating their time and talent to round out the music, so everyone can cut a rug and loosen their purse strings and pull out their wallets for a good cause. So join us please, pass the word, bring your family and neighbors and friends and we'll raise enough money to fulfill one of Tristan's dreams.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Today my mom went up town in Afton and got the ball rolling for us to sell our CD in our local Hastings store. We are excited about it, I never would have thought I'd be selling a CD in my hometown. I feel so exposed somehow:) Like people now know what I've been up to lately. I haven't been featured in the Grover news lately, so I guess this is the next best thing. I love living here. Where else can your mom go and help arrange your CD rack in one of the most happenin' retail stores in town. Our music career in Star Valley is certainly unique.