Friday, April 27, 2012

Sublette Here We Come

Heading out over the hill tomorrow to play in Sublette County.  It's the spring festival where we'll be playing along side Copper Mountain Band.  We'll have our drummer Dave and bass player Stephanie with us, we're excited to see some RMAF friends again. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Her Lips

Putting it Together

Writing music is a process, and most of it, I miss :-)  Cal does a lot of writing on his own, sometimes he gets together with our brother Jake, most recently they wrote over the phone.  After the song is written then Cal and I get together and "learn" it.  We figure out what works with the guitars and harmony and it evolves into what has become The Linfords sound.  This is an old video of us working on "Sweet Grass to the Packing House", and yes, this is what it looks like around here.  Babies, patient spouses, yoga pants and no makeup :-)

This particular song was inspired by our show at the Allinger Theatre at the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier Idaho, Robert Duvall, and our ancestor John Linford who died near Martin's Cove in Wyoming. 

RMAF Quarter Horse with John and Friends

Oh the power in knowing how to post videos!  Here is one from this fall.  John Dunnigan was kind enough to let us put his Quarter Horse song on our album "We Could Ride".  We get requests for it from those in the know :-)  John will be coming to The Lincoln County Fair this year too.  YES!  So excited.  It's going to be Music Monday at the fair, there is such a great lineup with The Bad Larrys and John Dunnigan. 

Making Good

We had a great time with The Bad Larrys when they came to visit us here on the ranch.  It started with guitars and ended with Moms stick to the wall chocolate cake.  I'm just getting the hang of posting videos, so brace yourself.  I've been promising for three years and now I'm going to make good on that promise.  We had a blast with Scott and Jay, the footage is shot with my little camera, nothing fancy, just some good raw music. 
(no auto-tune was used in the making of this music.  Hee hee) 

Let the Video Posts Begin!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Bad Larrys are Coming!

Tomorrow, I'll be hosting the Bad Larrys at my home in Wyoming as they make their way from Montana to Nevada. So, the steaks are cut, the beds are made and we're excited to have some genuine homegrown American musicians in our neck of the woods :-)