Saturday, October 7, 2017


October has been exciting so far.  A fabulous trip to Chicago sandwiched in between two gigs up in the Wilson/Moose area.  They were private parties so we didn't put out a shingle for fans, family and friends to come join us but we had a couple of great nights.  The Linfords Joined Twenty Paces for what ended up as a high dollar Hoot, tons of fun, lots of bongos, the best people watching from stage I've ever done, the most audience participation and the coolest background to date.  There was a huge screen behind us that scrolled gorgeous photos as we played.  Loved it.  I flew out the next morning bright and early with my guitar in tow to work on some new music for our last gig of the season and our very last show with our Linford Band drummer, Dave.  It's safe to say it was an amazing send off.  We played for several hours in a packed roadhouse, burned through all our set lists, and came away with a fat lip (collision with a dancer, speaker and mic) a peanut bucket of cash and some great stories to tell. 

We are sad to say goodbye to Dave as a part of our band, but he remains our friend and neighbor and barber, so in truth, we haven't parted ways.  He is taking a break from the music to make room for more important things in his life right now.  Life continues on, things change, but the music remains. 

Winter may bring new music, a new band member, you just never know.