Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paid In Applause

Oft times when The Linfords sing it's just for the sake of singing. Yep, we get paid for some gigs, but living in a small town there is a lot of opportunity to help someone out be it a fundraiser, a church function, a family party . . . . . you name it, we've sung at it. And if there isn't a budget for us to be paid, more than likely we'll sing for you anyway. I figure it's more than 'good karma' to share the talents God gave us, and whatever good is done in this world will come back in untold ways. This weekend we had the chance to sing for the Thayne First Ward and although we felt like we were playing the kinks out a bit, they loved the show and gave us a standing ovation!

There is a saying that "You are never a prophet in your own town", and perhaps it's true, but we have felt the love and support of our community every time we perform and not only did they have a good experience with some great music, we did too. Thanks Thayne First!

Monday, February 22, 2010


In our travels Cal and I have become friends with a lot of talented people, and as we all grow up and expand our projects we are lucky enough to reap the privledges of our acquaintences :) One of which is Luna Talent. One of my friends from a show we did WAAY back has just started her own talent agency in the Utah area and we were thrilled to become part of her talent pool. So check us out on and Thanks Molly!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All That Jazz

Although Classic Country and Folk music is what Cal and I most often play together, we both are involved in other projects that couldn't be further from George Strait and John Denver. Every so often Cal will head on down to the Coffee Cabin and bend his mind around some serious Jazz Chords and I just got back from one of my favorite gigs singing Jazz standards in the Lodge Dining Room in Sun Valley for Valentines Day. I love that music can always be evolving and as it does, so do we. It makes us better musicians to have such diverse music and performances in our lives. When we sit down to play together again there is a new feeling in our music that comes from venturing out into other genres. I also found that some of the songs in our set list lend themselves to the Jazz lovin' crowd as well. "You Belong To Me" was a hit with the Valentines Couples in Sun Valley and Cal has worked up a cool version of "Summertime" and I'm sure we'll be adding it to our sets this year. Hope your Valentines Day was full of great music and loved ones to share it with :-)