Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Radio Interview Tomorrow

Bright and early, 7:00am-ish Cal and Ted will be doing an interview on Star Valley Sunrise.  Now you've been warned you can tune in . . . . or not ;-)  We'll be talking about the Christmas Concert coming up Nov. 30th and the albums that we've been working on.  We sure appreciate the support from our local businesses like Star Valley's KRSV radio. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

RMAF Casper Wyoming

 This year, for the first time since I was 16 years old, I went to the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs Convention as a guest instead of an entertainer.  It was enlightening to be on the other side of the great divide between performers and fair buyers.  I loved being able to visit friends and enjoy being "hosted" by them and see all their talents.  I hated that I couldn't hire all of them myself and bring them to our beautiful valley this year for my personal entertainment :-)  If wishes were fishes.  Anyway, we had a gorgeous drive, both ways despite the wind and weather that literally blew us home.  I have to say I felt so loved and welcomed and supported this year and it was so appreciated.  We love our RMAF family. 
 These photos are from Star Valley to Casper, mostly up Togwotee and on to Dubois. 

 We found a herd of Big Horn Sheep in Dubois and I was wishing for a long lens camera. 

 This ornery looking fellow didn't move when we stopped on the side of the road to get a good shot, again, lesson to me, bring the good camera next time. 

 This year there were some awesome new unusual entertainers.  Intricate balloon art anyone? 

 We love these dear friends.  Once a year is not enough. 

On the way home we ran across a Christmas tree in the wilderness, which is a perfect reminder of what Cal and Me are working on right now.  A new Christmas album and the Christmas with the Linfords concert November 30th. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 30th Christmas Concert

Photo: Did you know?...

"Students with an education rich in the arts have higher GPAs and standardized test scores, lower drop-out rates, and even better attitudes about community service—benefits reaped by students regardless of socio-economic status. Students with four years of arts or music in high school average 100 points better on their SAT scores than students with one-half year or less." - Americans for the Arts
We DO support the Star Valley Arts Council and this year they invited The Linford Band to be a part of the Christmas Concert after the Parade of Lights.  We have been practicing up all the Christmas songs, so fear not Rosie and Nancy, there will be some of your favorites at the concert this year.  This will be my first hometown Christmas Concert in 9 years and I'm so excited to share this with our kids for the first time.  We hope you'll get your tickets and support the local arts.  We'll be there, with bells on. . . . o.k., maybe not bells ;-)  Also, if you like the Star Valley Arts Council on face book you have a chance to win FREE tickets!  Free is always good!