Friday, December 23, 2011

The Westerner Article

The Linfords were recently discovered by Sacha Jacqueroud editor of the Westerner Journal in Switzerland. Here is the article Sacha wrote about Cal and Teddy:

Sanfte Cowboy-Klänge für Pferdefreunde
Cal und Teddy Linford wissen von was sie singen. Aber darüber hinaus sind die beiden Geschwister als Duo auch überaus begabt, schreiben ihre Musik selber und beehren mit dieser Kombination die Themen der Western-Lebensweise. Wenn The Linfords auftreten, ist es mucksmäuschen still in den Rängen. Die Geschichte in jedem Song berührt. Und das gilt für all diejenigen, die draussen in der Natur arbeiten oder für einige ehrliche Werte einstehen. nsbesondere die Cowboys oder Pferdefreunde. Etwa mit dem Song "Quarter Horse." Dieses Stück erzählt die Geschichte eines kleinen Jungen, der will, dass sein Vater ihm beim Reiten zusieht. Der Song handelt von den Gefühlen, die ein Pferd wie das besungene buckskin-farbene hervorrufen kann.Die CD der Geschwister Linford heisst "We Could Ride" (wir konnten noch reiten). Eine Botschaft im Sinne einer Kritik an die heute oft fehlende Zeit für das Wesentliche, aber auch ein Songtitel der CD. Das Stück "We Could Ride" handelt von den eigenen Kindheitserinnerungen an die von Stiefeln überlagerte Küchentür und die Rodeo-Geschichten vergangener Tage. Um solche und weitere Geschichten auf dieser CD zu erzählen, soll die Musik dezent sein, die Worte untermahlen und die nicht wie heute oft üblich die kargen Sätze ins endlose ausschmücken. Deshalb decken sich The Linfords mit Dave Stamey; es sind ehrliche Geschichten mit einer sanften Melodie. Die Gitarre unterstützt die Stimmen. Mehr entnehmen Sie dem WESTERNER-Journal des Monats Dezember 2011.Hier können Sie die CD in unserem Shop bestellen Hier können Sie ein Abonnement bestellen

Friday, November 18, 2011

Proof of RMAF ~ Billings

We had a glorious time at RMAF, and aside from booking jobs, we go there to share music with some seriously incredible musicians. John Dunnigan being one of them. I seriously tear up at the thoughts of leaving without getting a sufficient dose of Dunnigan :-) We have so many great friends and my favorite thing is getting to see them all again. Amanda and I went vintage clothes shopping at the BEST little shop in Billings and ran into RMAF's Patsy Cline and Trick Roper. (we all share great taste in clothes and music) We played and sang with some amazing people and watched some great showcases. It was hard to leave in the end. The travels to and from are always an adventure. I always get some pics of the road and Cal and I actually travel well together. I know, who would have thunk it. We came up on this van and I said, "Cal, that looks like a dead animal strapped to the top of the mini-van." Cal thought, no, just a piece of furniture, but alas when we drew close, we saw it was indeed someones fall kill. Ironic for the butcher and jerky girl to encounter this on our way to sing. We did NOT offer to process it for them.

Our Great Uncle Avard Linford on my fathers side designed and built a bridge somewhere in the Big Sky area of Montana and after checking out every bridge from here to there, we came upon the most likely one and took a picture. I need to do some digging around in the family history and see if this really is "his" bridge.

From Idaho to Montana, the landscape gets more rugged and the rocks and boulders litter the landscape. I love the feel of Montana, just as I do Idaho and Wyoming.

The area of Idaho we drove through was windswept and full of blue skys on the way there, and dirt blown brownouts on the way back.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs

Billings was fantastic this year. We spent a lot of time playing, singing, talking, listening and almost no time at all eating or sleeping. It was awesome. Some of the highlights were jam sessions with fantastic artists, chatting with Nashville songwriters and bands I listened to growing up. To know these guys on a personal level is one of the many reasons I have chosen music as my career.

We have some exciting things in the works, a few contracts for summer work and some new friends and great video footage.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sun Valley Carolers

Along with singing sad country songs, Teddy is a professional Christmas Caroler in Sun Valley Idaho. You didn't know there was such a thing? Well, there is ;-) And the group, under the direction of Derek Furch has just released a new Christmas album. Please click the link and check it out. You can hear a snippet of Teddy on "Christmas Time is Here".

(Yes, it really is as fun as it looks!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Pics!

The Linford Band

(available for all your dancing, wedding, and get a little loose on the weekend needs)

The Linfords
(here for your listening pleasure, appropriate for every occasion)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Linford Band Photo Shoot

My talented photographer/cousin ( came up to Star Valley for a photo session with the band. It's about time we got some good footage of the four of us. We have some exciting gigs coming up in 2012 and we're excited that Dave and Stephanie have stuck with us. I'll be posting some promotional pictures soon . . . . oh, and I sold my guitar so hopefully I'll be announcing the arrival of a new one soon! My music room feels lonely today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Concerts

(Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

Well, our summer concerts are nearly over. We most recently sang at a guest camp in the Bondurant wilderness up Jack Creek. It was pretty awesome and I'd love to take my family up there for a weekend to ride horses, sit in the sauna, clean off in the sluice shower and then sleep in a tee-pee. The group we sang for was fantastic and they took us home with them by way of CD.

We still have a couple of shows; we are singing for the Bedford Relief Society September 8th, and then we're putting together a dance at Star Valley Ranch on the 9th. Should be fun. I'm always sad to see summer ending, but it's been a great one.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Band

Cal and I are lucky enough to play together but even luckier to have Dave and Stephanie join us when The Linfords need to become The Linford Band. Together we play dances and bigger venues and have been contacted to play the Laramie Civic Center next May. We're pretty excited about it.

Fair Times

We had great fun at the Teton County Fair in Jackson and the South Bannock in Downy. As always there were a few weather issues, but we made it through the storms :-) We talked to some great people, and I only wish there was more time to chat and that I had a better memory for names. Anyway, we love what we do, and appreciate the chance to sing for the Fair Crowds. It's all about family and fun and we are a perfect fit.

Coming up we have a last minute gig Sunday for the Oregon Trail Historical get together. A private party the 12th and a campfire sing along in the Bondaraunt wilderness. You just never know where the music will take you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Teton County Fair

We're geared up and ready to play this weekend at the Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole Wyoming. It's just a few miles up the road so we're really excited to play 'local' this year. We hope you'll come out and enjoy the fair and see us under the tent.

Thurs. 11:00, 3:30 and 6:45

Fri. 11:00, 4:30 and 7:00

Sat. 1:30, 4:45 and 7:15

All our shows are FREE! Yahoo! So get some fair food and enjoy the free entertainment.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Star Valley Ranch Dance

We had a great time at the Star Valley Ranch Dance. I posted a video clip of one of our last songs of the night. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's been a while since I've updated our schedule, so here is how it's looking for 2011 so far.
Tomorrow, March 18th we'll be at the senior center at 12:15 and at the Freedom Ward Social in the evening.

Coming up in April we have a private party at the MADDOX in Brigham City, Utah. If you need some entertainment on the 5th or 6th and are in Utah we have some time available, so give us a shout.

We're planning to be a part of the Star Valley Arts Council Concert Series this June. We are excited to see a venue like this open up in our neck of the woods. It's such a great thing and we hope it becomes a Star Valley Tradition. We'll also pray for no snow in June :-) Dates are not set yet for this one . . . more info. to come.

We'll be playing Star Valley Ranch again in July the weekend of the 24th and then will be up at the Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole the 28th-30th. Both Cal and I have been a part of the Entertainment at the fair, but it's been over a decade ago and we've never played there together, so we are really excited about it.

We hope you'll come out and see us live, we have our new CD for sale and one of my favorite things is meeting the people who have similiar taste in music.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forty Below in Wyoming

Well, it literally IS forty below in Wyoming. Okay, thirty six below, but really, who wants to split that hair. I feel like I just got home from Caroling in Sun Valley, Cal and I had a few private gigs and now I'm headed back to Sun Valley for Valentines Day. I'll be singing in the the dining room again this year and I'm hoping to drag my reluctant snowed in parents with me. :-)

Meanwhile, we're singing and playing like usual. We are both teaching guitar; Cal with WWCC and I have some beginning students. It's been really fun to teach again, I feel I have more to offer now with the experience I have had in the recent past. I remember with my first student I was still in high school and felt I didn't know enough to teach. We got through the basics together though and it was a great start to something I love.

We have some more private shows coming up in the near future . . . . don't forget to check in with Thunderbolt Radio and offer your support there. You can also take a listen on CDbaby. The new album has been very well received. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We Sang, They Came, They Danced

I am pretty excited about the fact that I have figured out how to post video on our blog. Yipee. That being said, this is just a little video we took at our gig at the Hayloft here in Afton. These were the cutest dancers ever!