Sunday, November 29, 2009


This time of year we are mindful of all the ways in which we are blessed. As brother and sister we are grateful for our family and for the way music continues to bring us together. We are thankful for the talents we have been blessed with and for the opportunities we have to continually develop and share them. We are thankful for each person who finds joy in music and especially for those we share our music with. It means the world to us to have the love and support of so many. Thank you.

And thank you Kelly and Amanda for the fantastic interview and pictures. Photo by Amanda McDonald (she's the bomb!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

RMAF in Great Falls

Well, we've been to Great Falls Montana and back for the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs Showcase and Convention, and because I got NO awesome pictures of the great musicians and people we hung out with for a few days, I'll just have to make do with the pictures from the road :) It seems that when the fun was happening, I wasn't getting any pics! Good thing there is a next time. On our way we ran into storms, black ice, semi-wrecks, beetle-killed forests, prescribed burns and equally desolate and glorious scenery.
My favorite thing on the road was Jesus. Yes, we found Jesus on our way through Butte Montana. I only wish we could have seen it glowing in the darkness, as I've heard it does.

Our time at RMAF was spent with great friends and great music. We loved watching the showcases and we loved the jam sessions after hours even more. Many thanks to John, The Bad Larry's, The Doo-Wah Riders, and more fantastic musicians for sharing your songs and stories and time with us. Playing together made our trip. It was so fun to see the new talent this year as well. We hope to see you on the road this summer.

On our way home, I realized that we didn't have one picture of us this year, so we took these shots about halfway through our trip to Wyoming.

We only made one stop, in Dell Montana, where we revisited Yesterday's Calf-A and their to die for food.