Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trail Center Show

The Trail Center Show in Montepelier went fantastic. Cal and I had worked hard and to ensure there was someone there to witness it, Mom and Dad called up some friends and loaded them up for a night in Idaho. The Allinger Theatre inside the Trail Center is a hundred seat facility with great sound and an intimate feel. We loved playing a 90minute show there and really appreciate all the work Jodi and Rick did to make sure everything went well. We LOVE having a sound check and the show ran perfectly.
We started out the night with an electric set and Cal broke in his new Tele. It's a beautiful little guitar with the versitility we need to be MELLOW at times. I've been an acoustic purist, but Cal's work with this particular guitar is winning me over. I played my Taylor of course, and although I'm not used to hearing so much sound ring through, I love the fullness it lends. I've finally built up some decent calluses and I swear by Arnica Salve to get through long practice sessions with carpal tunnel:)
Thanks to everyone who supports us, and if you didn't make it to this show, we hope to see you later this summer. We have a small show in town for a church group and then we're booked for Big Piney/Pinedale and Preston and the Fair Showcase in Montana. We'll update the site with new bookings as they come.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Cal and I had a great show on Friday night, I'll be posting about it in a little more detail later in the week, but I just have a quick correction/clarification to post. I always joke that all the songs I sing are sad ones, and that is for the most part true, and when I got done singing "You Don't Even Know Who I Am" I made a smart-alec crack about how it's a good thing I didn't dedicate that song to my husband. . . . .well, not every one heard the first half of that sentence clearly which left them to believe I dedicated that song to my husband. !!! So, for the record, "You Don't Even Know Who I Am" is NOT dedicated to my sweet, loving, tolerant husband who appreciates my sense of humor and knows I would never dedicate that particular sad song to him. :) Love you Del!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Teddy and Brandi Carlile

Doesn't that title sound great? Too bad I was just one of the many in SLC at THE STATE ROOM at her concert this weekend. I'm glad it was an intimate venue though, I was able to get about five feet from the stage and check out the guitars. Cal asked what equipment she was running, but I didn't think to look. Shows where my focus was:) I have to say, Brandi's show was FANTASTIC! My favorite things about it were;

~How professional they were

~They all sang IN TUNE! (I know, it's rare these days)

~The rapport with the audience was comfortable and relaxed

~They played some cool guitars

~I loved all the songs, I knew them all, and they were just as good live as on the album, sometimes better.

~Last but not least, the tickets were a steal at $35!

I can't wait to see her again, it's so great to see a performer that isn't tossing herself around on stage at the expense of the music. How refreshing!
I have to say, if I could trade my voice for someone elses, I think I'd want Brandi's. She has the push and edge that fail me. I think it's probably a polar opposite of mine, but that won't stop me from covering "The Story" this weekend at the Allinger Theatre. Wish me luck;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Songs and Fishes

I Caught A Fish THIS BIG!Every April when Cal and Boo's birthdays roll around they make their first fishing trip of the season on the Salt. Under "Boo's Log" there lurked this giant of a fish just for the birthday girl.

For Cal's birthday there was no fishing, but some singing, which is par for the course at The Linford's house. Mom made her famous chocolate cake with fudge frosting and Dad cooked enough steak for the army. Cal and I had Mom between us when we played and my new Taylor was so loud it made her ears ring. *sigh* I love that guitar.