Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sing For Your Supper

The prospect of a good meal I don't have to A. COOK B. PAY FOR C. CLEAN UP AFTER is a FANTASTIC THING! So, Cal and I have been singing for our supper around Star Valley when the opportunity arises. It's a great excuse to get together and play for a captive audience, figure out what songs work, what ones we've forgotten and which ones we should write ASAP. Meadows Ward was throwing a big birthday bash for the Relief Society and so we worked up a 45 min. set, which we know would be plenty long (especially with my son Tom demanding my attention at-mediatly ;-) I swear, kids choose the most public places to grab your sleeve and repeat "Mom, Mom, MOm, MOm MOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOM!!!!! Until you HAVE to answer if only to make it stop!) Anyhow, much to our surprise they wanted more, and would not take no for an answer. It was a kick! So we strapped on our guitars and gave the people what they wanted, and were rewarded with food galore and a standing ovation :-) I didn't have to cook dinner and Tom came home with enough balloons to take flight. Last night we hit the COFFEE CABIN down in Alpine, which I highly suggest adding to your date night schedule. It was a relaxed crowd and we sang a couple hours, then were served a three course dinner and when the Mayor asked, we pulled a couple special requests out of the archieves of our minds. It's been a long time since we've performed "Cowboys Are Dreamers and The Ride". We played until our bulging stomachs could take no more and headed for home.
Can't wait till next time . . . . . . be on the lookout for additions to our schedule. May 8th we are playing a Mothers Day Dance at the Afton Civic Center with the full band.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Coffee Cabin

This weekend The Linfords will be singing for their supper at The Coffee Cabin in Alpine, Wyoming. It's a great little spot along the Snake River where good food and good music are plentiful. Cal and I hope to see you there. Saturday night 'round 7:00pm.