Sunday, October 11, 2009


Cal sent in a few songs to Taxi for them to critique and here is some of the feedback we got;

On the song FREE ~ "The vocal duo and cohesive, tender narrative, the acoustic guitar playing and well put together chord progression frame the vocals quite well here. The perspective is obviously romantic, but inrospective."

WESTERN NIGHTS ~ "Well thought out imagery reveals your love for this part of the country. . . sweet chorus and vocal harmonies (here is my favorite part) The set up recalls the work of John Denver, accessible and easy to relate to."

AMY ISN'T AMY ~ "Dramatic narrative . . . title . . .. good message behind this sad tune. Harmonies are a plus."

Then they comment on our style and give an overall critique of our work.

"Country influences . . . traditional/folk elements."

"It's no stretch to say that your music can potentially work for play-lists that feature Faith Hill and Tim McGraw".

"Warm, natural and 'organic' vocal blend, shared sense of sincerity, vocal emotion come through here. You have an excellent range and 'pure country' vocal sound."

"Clear vocal timbre, personal lyrics and well crafted, natural arrangement here."

"After hearing your work, we're not surprised that you've shared the stage with so many stars. Keep getting your music out there."

If you want to hear the songs they are talking about you can get a preview on CDBABY (click our link at the top of our page) and we are also on THUNDERBOLT RADIO, where Amy Isn't Amy is on the playlist. If you want to REALLY hear us, hire us:) Or come to a show, we'll be posting more dates soon! Thanks for listening everybody!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Somebodys Off!


Driving home from work last night on snowy roads I flipped through the radio stations and stopped cold when I heard one of my favorite songs "BLUE EYES CRYIN' IN THE RAIN", but it wasn't good old Willie singing, and it wasn't Brandi Carlile either :) It was Eva Cassidy. Her phrasing and beautiful tone and effortless winging from one note to the other nearly broke my heart. How have I lived my life without her voice on my playlist? So lest you live the rest of YOUR life without Eva enriching your musical catalog, turn on my playlist and hear her for yourself. I didn't find her version of Blue Eyes, but I found "EARLY MORNING RAIN".

p.s. yes, I am aware that I'm a total music nerd :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Our cousin Kristy Anderson Mayes stayed with us for the weekend and we did several photo shoots. She has such a great eye and was very patient with our perfectionism :) Many hours were spent shooting and editing. We really appreciate the time she spent and are so happy with the finished product. We're putting together our promotional materials for the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs Showcase this year in Great Falls Montana. It's exciting to have new music and pictures to work with. We can't wait to see everyone and spend some time playing.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the pictures so far;