Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Concerts

(Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

Well, our summer concerts are nearly over. We most recently sang at a guest camp in the Bondurant wilderness up Jack Creek. It was pretty awesome and I'd love to take my family up there for a weekend to ride horses, sit in the sauna, clean off in the sluice shower and then sleep in a tee-pee. The group we sang for was fantastic and they took us home with them by way of CD.

We still have a couple of shows; we are singing for the Bedford Relief Society September 8th, and then we're putting together a dance at Star Valley Ranch on the 9th. Should be fun. I'm always sad to see summer ending, but it's been a great one.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Band

Cal and I are lucky enough to play together but even luckier to have Dave and Stephanie join us when The Linfords need to become The Linford Band. Together we play dances and bigger venues and have been contacted to play the Laramie Civic Center next May. We're pretty excited about it.

Fair Times

We had great fun at the Teton County Fair in Jackson and the South Bannock in Downy. As always there were a few weather issues, but we made it through the storms :-) We talked to some great people, and I only wish there was more time to chat and that I had a better memory for names. Anyway, we love what we do, and appreciate the chance to sing for the Fair Crowds. It's all about family and fun and we are a perfect fit.

Coming up we have a last minute gig Sunday for the Oregon Trail Historical get together. A private party the 12th and a campfire sing along in the Bondaraunt wilderness. You just never know where the music will take you.