Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Merry Christmas

The Linfords would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and joyous Holiday Season.  We wish you Magic and Music and LOVE. 

I don't know if you've discovered the wonderful world of Podcasts, but now is as good a time as any.  Our friend Alan has a great podcast that gives you an inside look at the Fair Industry and the fabulous people who make the magic happen.  Alan contacted me and asked to re-air my interview with him from last year, and he also has a second season in the works.  I hope you'll give it a listen and rate the podcast, I know he'd appreciate your support. 


As always, we love you, Merry Christmas. 

Cal and Ted

Saturday, October 7, 2017


October has been exciting so far.  A fabulous trip to Chicago sandwiched in between two gigs up in the Wilson/Moose area.  They were private parties so we didn't put out a shingle for fans, family and friends to come join us but we had a couple of great nights.  The Linfords Joined Twenty Paces for what ended up as a high dollar Hoot, tons of fun, lots of bongos, the best people watching from stage I've ever done, the most audience participation and the coolest background to date.  There was a huge screen behind us that scrolled gorgeous photos as we played.  Loved it.  I flew out the next morning bright and early with my guitar in tow to work on some new music for our last gig of the season and our very last show with our Linford Band drummer, Dave.  It's safe to say it was an amazing send off.  We played for several hours in a packed roadhouse, burned through all our set lists, and came away with a fat lip (collision with a dancer, speaker and mic) a peanut bucket of cash and some great stories to tell. 

We are sad to say goodbye to Dave as a part of our band, but he remains our friend and neighbor and barber, so in truth, we haven't parted ways.  He is taking a break from the music to make room for more important things in his life right now.  Life continues on, things change, but the music remains. 

Winter may bring new music, a new band member, you just never know. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

New Dates for September

This coming week The Linfords are joining Twenty Paces for a night at the Star Valley Ranch Silo.  The weather should be nice and cool so we hope you'll come out and enjoy the vestiges of summer.  Fall is upon us folks. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Lady Luck Summer Concert

Teddy will be joining Lady Luck on the stage in Layton Utah for their free Summer Concert Series in the Park.  We have a lot of Utah friends and family and would love to see everyone out in force to support the great music of the 40's and beyond.  What better way to spend a Sunday with your family. 


After all that fun the girls are headed to Wyoming, and will be performing a BRAND NEW SHOW at the Lincoln County Fair in Star Valley.  Don't miss the Women of  Lady Luck as they sing and stroll in their French Country meets County Fair show "Tres' Belles'.  We're studying up on the OLD, OLD classics; My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Strolling Through the Park, High Hopes  along with some Sweet Adeline style (think Lady Barbershop) arrangements of Another Day In The Sun (from the hit La La Land) Delta Dawn, Cowboy Sweetheart and many others.  We know you'll recognize these classics from the past and you can even include us in your County Fair Selfies.  This is Tres' Belles Debut and it's going to be a memorable one. 

Our own Melodie Taylor-Mauldin will also be lending her talents to the traveling Medicine Show, "Doctor Quackenbush" at the fair, so if you're in the mood for a fix for what ails you, visit the Medicine Wagon on the Lincoln County Fairgrounds for show times and a little medical "advice".  You won't regret it. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Wort ~ Silver Dollar Bar

Sunday July 16th, The Linfords will be joining Twenty Paces at the Silver Dollar Bar at the historic Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole.  Join us for great music and food and dancing. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cal and Ted, The Linfords, Teddy with Lady Luck, Cal with Twenty Paces, The Linfords With Twenty Paces, The Linford Band......

We go by many names and are involved with a lot of music in our family.  I'm updating this blog to include any music my Brother Cal and I are lucky to be a part of, separately and together.  Cal is now a regular with Twenty Paces and I join them for a few gigs when my schedule allows it.  We also book as a brother and sister duo, as well as The Linford Band, and as a band we are slowly filling the void that Stephanie Berglund left when she shuffled off to Buffalo.  Our first show as a band this summer will be this Saturday for a Private Wedding at Star Valley Ranch.  We're fortunate to have John and Jeff joining us on bass and keys and vocals for that date.  I'm playing with my "girl group" Lady Luck and having a ball with some seriously old time music with some of my dearest friends and we will be presenting a brand new strolling show as a grounds act at the Lincoln County Fair.  Tres' Belles is excited to try out our high topped boots and feathered hats on my home town.  On the right hand column I'll do my best to keep adding the dates we are playing and hope to see you out and about this summer.  It's been hot and beautiful and filled with all the best things; music, family and love. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer is Upon Us

What a great night we had at The Wort and it was just the beginning of a busy summer ahead of us.  I'll be playing with Cal and the band Twenty Paces and also Lady Luck.  Here's a rundown of future dates, we can't wait to see you out there on the road.

May 25-27th Teddy with Lady Luck in Utah

June 8-11th Teddy with Lady Luck in Clarinda, Iowa for the Glenn Miller Festival

June 17th Cal and Teddy with Twenty Paces at the Bull Moose in Alpine, Wyoming

June 24th Cal and Ted with Twenty Paces at the Star Valley Ranch Dance

July 1st Cal and Ted private wedding in Star Valley, Wyoming

July 16th Cal and Ted with Twenty Paces at the Silver Dollar Bar (The Wort) Jackson Hole

August 5-12th Lincoln County Fair, Star Valley, Wyoming

August 6th Teddy with Lady Luck, Davis County Music in the Park, Ogden, UT

August 7th Ned LeDoux in concert at the Lincoln County Fair, Afton, WY

August 9-12th Teddy with Lady Luck presents Tres' Belles at the Lincoln County Fair

September 9th The Linfords with Twenty Paces at Star Valley Ranch Silo

September 29th Cal, Private Event

September 30th The Linfords with Twenty Paces in Jackson Hole, Private Event

Teddy in Chicago!  "It's Quiet Uptown"

October 5th Cal and Ted in Jackson Hole, WY (private party)

December 15-30th Teddy with the Sun Valley Carolers in Sun Valley, ID

It's going to be an eventful summer, as summers always are around here.  Hope to see you out enjoying the sun and some great music with your family and friends. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Silver Dollar Bar and Grill

Tonight The Linfords will be joining the newly minted band Twenty Paces at the Silver Dollar Bar and Grill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It will be a great night filled with songs from the past, Eagles, Johnny Cash and Rodney Crowell along with some new favorites.  Because I was lucky enough to change my schedule around so I could join the boys, some old cowboys will become acquainted with the songwriting prowess of Sarah Bareilles.  We play from 7:00-11:00, so come in for dinner and stay for the dancing.  Hope to see you all there. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Bull Moose, Alpine Wyoming

Cal is playing the Bull Moose in Alpine tonight.  It's not too late to celebrate the wearing 'o' the green with some great music. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Wort Silver Dollar Bar

When one door closes another literally opens.  I'm sad to be missing this gig with my brother, but am pretty stoked about his upcoming gigs at The Silver Dollar Bar at The Wort in Jackson.  April 29th and sometime in July, I'll keep you posted.  We love The Wort and remember our Great Aunt Velma taking us to lunch there when she flew into the Jackson Hole Airport from Washington D.C. She'd be pretty excited to I do believe and would have a buffalo burger and a cold Heineken if she were still around to have one. Cal is playing with the Three Rivers Band for this gig and I'll be playing with Lady Luck.  I hope you'll catch his show there, he's going to be playing lead and singing a few. 

Denim and Diamonds///CANCELED

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the Denim and Diamonds fundraiser has been canceled.  Guess you'll all have to dance with your sweet heart in the kitchen this March, that's how we do. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Denim and Diamonds Dance

Coming up March 4th, Cal will be playing the Denim and Diamonds Hospital Fundraiser dance with the Three Rivers Band.  We hope you'll come support our local Hospital and dance while you still can.  It's not every weekend we get the chance to go out on a hot date, make money for our community and score points on the dance floor. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Merry Christmas from Teddy

 This Winter I had the chance to record a podcast with Alan Bruess for Tailgate Entertainer and it ended up being my Christmas Wish for all of you.  You can click on the link to take a listen, I really hope you will, and we'd love to hear what you thought about it.  Alan has recorded a lot of great podcasts with some fellow Fair Entertainers and Business Professionals, it's well worth your time to check them out and subscribe to Tailgate Entertainer.  I'm looking so forward to all the music 2017 will bring.