Friday, February 3, 2012

Utah Association of Fairs

While we may have felt we had gone where no man has gone before, we just took a jaunt over the hill to Salt Lake City and the Utah Association of Fairs Convention. It was our first time to the convention and our first trade show type convention. We had a great time. It's always fun to see other performers and check out what is available for the fairs. This bird along with it's feathered and scaly friends were just a few of the offerings.

We had a crazy day checking out guitar shops and trying out some awesome guitars. We got a few shots inside Intermountain Guitar and Banjo shop which we weren't sure WE would even SEE the inside of. This is a serious vintage guitar shop and because we were invited back we WILL make a repeat trip, hopefully with a load of cash to spend :-)

My favorite thing in the shop had to be the wolf hound. He was the sweetest fifteen year old wolf hound German Shepard cross. I won him over, and him me, and the rest is history :-)

I love the people and animals we meet along the way. I really think I could write a book about the people we meet in other places who know someone from Star Valley. It's amazing to me. Hopefully our travels will be taking us to Utah for some shows this summer. We're looking forward to it, and I know for a fact there will be more than one or two people who know someone from our hometown.

Feast your eyes on the wolf hound, and check back soon to see Cal's latest addition. He took a little trip to Montana and came back with something for his sister to covet.