Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer's Almost Over

The Star Valley Ranch end of season show was such a great time. There was a big happy crowd and everyone was 'loose' enough to stick around and dance. We thought we'd outlast them, but were proven wrong. The Ranch folks know how to party! The band is really getting tight and we're going to keep up rehearsals through the fall and winter and are booking some early December gigs. I (Teddy) will be heading up to Sun Valley again for Christmas, but we're going to get in a couple of shows between my traveling schedule and family time.
Cal and I have our last show of the summer this Saturday night. The Hayloft is having their grand opening and we'll be singing from Six till whenever :-) Cal checked it out tonight and the food and music was fantastic. We have such great local talent. We know how to grow 'em here in Wyoming. Hope to see you tomorrow night!

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