Friday, November 18, 2011

Proof of RMAF ~ Billings

We had a glorious time at RMAF, and aside from booking jobs, we go there to share music with some seriously incredible musicians. John Dunnigan being one of them. I seriously tear up at the thoughts of leaving without getting a sufficient dose of Dunnigan :-) We have so many great friends and my favorite thing is getting to see them all again. Amanda and I went vintage clothes shopping at the BEST little shop in Billings and ran into RMAF's Patsy Cline and Trick Roper. (we all share great taste in clothes and music) We played and sang with some amazing people and watched some great showcases. It was hard to leave in the end. The travels to and from are always an adventure. I always get some pics of the road and Cal and I actually travel well together. I know, who would have thunk it. We came up on this van and I said, "Cal, that looks like a dead animal strapped to the top of the mini-van." Cal thought, no, just a piece of furniture, but alas when we drew close, we saw it was indeed someones fall kill. Ironic for the butcher and jerky girl to encounter this on our way to sing. We did NOT offer to process it for them.

Our Great Uncle Avard Linford on my fathers side designed and built a bridge somewhere in the Big Sky area of Montana and after checking out every bridge from here to there, we came upon the most likely one and took a picture. I need to do some digging around in the family history and see if this really is "his" bridge.

From Idaho to Montana, the landscape gets more rugged and the rocks and boulders litter the landscape. I love the feel of Montana, just as I do Idaho and Wyoming.

The area of Idaho we drove through was windswept and full of blue skys on the way there, and dirt blown brownouts on the way back.

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