Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Every Wednesday, All Summer

So, all summer long Cal and Me made the drive from Star Valley to the Gros Ventre River Ranch to entertain at their guest ranch campfires.  It was a great experience.  We had a chance to get away, decompress, listen to music, laugh, check out the river and learn new songs.  I love how you never know what to expect each week with each new group of guests.  Some love to sit and listen, some sing along, some drink and talk and laugh and ALL are interesting. 

On the last day going up there, I was smart enough to bring my camera and took a photo of the commute.  Traffic is crazy ;-)

We always got a kick out of the signs on the way into the Ranch.

There were some pretty great old cars out there as well.

The Tetons were covered in smoke for the better part of a month, but it's still a gorgeous backdrop for some campfire singing.

We really appreciated our summer with the great folks at GVRR.  There is truly never a dull moment for us when we're out singin'.

And last, but not least, the oasis in the night :-)

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