Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Concert Night!

 What a fun Fair we're having so far and it's only Monday!  Tonight was the concert in the arena and a great band from Utah, LOKALGROWN, opened for Gwen Sebastian.  It's such a small world and three of the band members are friends of mine.  I was so excited to see my beautiful friend Dawn perform.  We go way back (Sun Valley Carolers, early 2000's, many hours spent in the sauna on the slopes and singing . . . . . love her guts!)  Windstorm/Rain/Dustbowl weather be danged, the show must go on, and it did!

After Lokalgrown, my boy was stoked to have won a raffle item and we'll be going out for pizza as a family thanks to his big win;-)
The concert was awesome.  Gwen's Band was fantastic and were such nice people.  I loved this photo of my boy and Gwen the most.  She took time to meet every single person and autograph their items and take pictures.  What a fun end to a long day at the Lincoln County Fair.

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