Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uncle Zed

Cal and I have some sad news this week. Our Mom's brother Zed died after a long battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his family as his spirit left this life for it's journey into the next. I like to imagine him being greeted on the other side by his Dad Byron who died when Zed was just 11 years old, his Mom Dixie who died from cancer just a few years ago, and his brother Bing whose battle with cancer ended back in the early 90's. I have to say that this family has suffered great loss through the years, but we have also known great joy. Zed was a quietly extraordinary man. Quick to make peace and find a solution. His first love was his wife Lannis and his kids, and a close second was his cars. He was a talented mechanic and could fix anything.

We will be celebrating his life and mourning our loss this Monday. He is loved and will be sorely missed.
This is Zed with his Dad Byron. Byron contracted polio just as he was starting his life and family but it didn't stop him from running a ranch, raising 6 kids, and being a real life heroe for his little boy "Bucky".

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