Saturday, September 12, 2009

Concert Weekend

I had a fantastic couple of days in SLC and caught three great bands before heading back to the mountains. My friend Liz was game and we drove her little focus to the city for the Brandi Carlile, Giving up the Ghost tour. Brandi's new CD drops in October and SLC's THE DEPOT was the first stop of her tour. We loved the venue and the opening band was fantastic as well. I had checked them out on myspace and listened to the song Brandi did with them; MY REPAIR. I knew both bands were going to be great so we forgoed the great looking seating and stood on the floor the whole night. I really showed my music nerd side checking out the sound system, and guitars (OH! THE GUITARS!). I also wanted to slam some drunken heads together so they would shut up while the band was playing. (I contained myself;) The picture below is of the first song Brandi did with her band, OH DEAR. She added a guitar player/slinger and a drummer to the mix this time and I have to admit, it didn't detract from the acoustic vibe I love so much. She still did several songs without them, and the ones with added vocals, guitar, piano and drums were fuller and richer. It was a great sound! Before Brandi took the stage THE NOISES 10 hit it hard, and although they are a far to the indie side I loved them as well. They were pretty tight and the vocals were on. I love it when a band sounds like the recordings they put out.

Even though my friend Liz wasn't familiar with very many songs played that night, she still loved the concert and bought some CD's which I think is half the point of live music. I left feeling totally inspired and equally covetous:)

We stayed at THE HAMPTON INN and thank goodness for air conditioning and down comforters:) We awoke so refreshed that I checked on line for tickets to the UTAH STATE FAIR which we had driven right by on our way to the concert the night before. I was pretty sure THE BAD LARRY'S were playing there, so we got a schedule, discount admission online and because we were feeling adventerous we got all day ride passes to the CARNIVAL! After making ourselves sick going on ride after ride, but forgoeing the "redhead special" we dragged ourselves to THE GAZEBO to enjoy THE BAD LARRY'S. They were the perfect antidote. Not only is their set list entertaining but their witty banter had us cracking up. Liz loved them as well and we were glad to be able to pick up their newly released CD after the show. Scott and Jay are always so welcoming and invited us to tag along to lunch at THE RED IGUANA. I wish I had some pics of our adventures that day, but alas my camera chose to die on me. Even though there is no picture proof, the food was divine and the company fantastic. It was the perfect ending to our girls weekend. Thanks Scott and Jay! We listenend to our new CD's the whole way home. I'm already planning my next concert adventure.

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