Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christmas ALREADY???

Some things his sister does makes Cal do THIS . . . . . . For example; THIS

He does not understand why I would leave my home and family and 'work' through the Holiday Season. I've tried giving up Caroling in Sun Valley, but I just can't :) It's become not only part of what I do, but also who I am. I can't think of a better way to spend the Holiday's than in Sun Valley Idaho singing my vocal chords into oblivion!

I've yet to convince Cal that he should join me in Singing Christmas Carols and ringing handbells, but he's not buying it.

*you may be wondering why a Christmas post already? Well, Christmas starts early around here with gettting music ready for December, and I was just confirmed as a Sun Valley Caroler again this year, so I'm giving all my family a heads up to book their rooms in the INN now ;)
Cal and I are also working on a Christmas project that we hope to finish sometime before next Christmas. Hey, it's busy here in the Fall, you'll have to give us some extra time:)

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